Our experience within the trade show exhibit marketplace has evolved into designing customized environments for offices and other permanent locations. Your brand is an asset that can communicate your personality and credibility. Why limit this part of your business and reputation to just printed materials and digital collateral? You can accent your workplace with the same colors and structures that define who you are.

Branded Environment

Rocky Mountain Exhibit will take inventory of your organization’s look-and-feel and transpose it into dimensional elements that fit within the spaces where you conduct your daily tasks.

It’s not just interior design – it’s architectural design. We can create items such as customized reception counters, product displays, kiosks and much more.

RME already has the resources to fabricate customized portable structures that reflect your company’s emotion and charisma at trade shows, that’s why you should take advantage of our services to make your place of business feel like a well-developed environment where you can impress clients and vendors.